8 Days and Counting

I just went over my budget estimates again and it looks like I’m on track, even with the damn dollar sliding faster than a California house in an earthquake. Flights are booked, I’m in some great-looking hostels on the ways in and out, everything looks good. I just have a few things left to pick up, mostly clothes and the like, and then all that’s between me and Europe are a few days of anticipation and my 21st birthday.

I’m starting to actually feel a little nervous, a little excited. The days just tick away, faster than I expected, and every day I’m a little closer to Dublin.

Also, this weekend turned out almost perfect in the Premiership. Arsenal takes fourth from Tottenham in a brilliant display from Pires and Henry (hat trick!) who kisses Highbury goodbye, while Newcastle holds off Chelsea with a man down to qualify for the Intertoto Cup. The only thing that could’ve made it better would have been Manchester United drawing Charlton to put Liverpool in second. But, as they say, “We have the moon, let’s not wish for the stars.”