A brief SumoDev update

A little while ago, I said that I thought we got a B in Q1, but we could move up to an A with a little more work. (This is my favorite grading system: everyone starts at 0 and works up.)

Well, we landed two things:

I said these two things would bring us up to an A, so, way to go team!

We entered this quarter with 5 goals around Continuous Deployment. We’ve hit three. The other two were stretch goals, and it looks like we’ll miss them. It’s been a particularly busy quarter for IT, and there’s just a bunch of work left to get the JS tests into CI. We’ll carry those forward into Q2 along with our goals of releasing every week and dropping the ‘next’ branch.

I’m really proud of my team and the work we’ve done this quarter. We’ve not only done great work improving the user experience across the site—especially for mobile users—we’ve also made significant progress toward simplifying and streamlining our releases, which will be crucial to CD.