A Twitter Turn-Around

A little while ago, I criticized a local newspaper, Lansing CityPULSE, for their use of Twitter. They were following the spammer model: follow hundreds of people, then post nothing but links to your own site.

I’m happy to say—though I’m a bit late in saying it—that @CityPULSE has really turned around and started making great use of Twitter.

They’ve been interacting with the community, been very restrained in how often they link their own site, and been sounding much more human. They could share more good links, but then, so could I.

The best thing @CityPULSE has been doing is using Twitter to live blog the Lansing City Council meetings. This is a great way for a local, weekly paper to do up-to-the-minute news. My only suggestion: hash tags so we can find all your council meetings tweets in the search.

Keep up the good work, @CityPULSE. And if you’re from the greater Lansing area, or a smaller newspaper, give them a follow.