Another Italian City

This makes my 6th city in Italy, meaning I’ve traveled more extensively here than anywhere else in Europe. I am in Genova at the moment.

I decided to leave Cinque Terre early this morning instead of staying another day. I was very sunburned and I think I would rather go to the beach for an afternoon every weekend than for several days in a row. Michigan, by the way, has better beaches than Cinque Terre. The beaches of Lake Michigan really are world-class, with brilliant yellow sand and fresh, warm water. It’s hard to imagine but in this small way, West Michigan really is top-flight spot.

So I took an early train and ended up talking with a girl from Chicago who missed the earlier train and is right now trying to rearrange a flight to London to take a plane home. She’s leaving for Milan soon, and I’m going to stay here for the day then head to Milan to start (or continue) the most complicated route from Cinque Terre to Berlin ever–and it’s not very easy in the first place.

Normally you would have to go Cinque Terre –> Genova –> Milan –> (Frankfurt or Zurich –> Munich) –> Berlin, or Cinque Terre –> La Spezia –> Florence –> Milan, etc… I, however, am going Cinque Terre –> Genova –> Milan –> Frankfurt –> Mannheim –> Kaiserslautern –> Mannheim –> Frankfurt –> Berlin. Fortunately the trains in Germany are fast.

So now I think I’m going to enjoy some connectivity and chill in an urban area for a few hours, maybe learn a bit about (now honorary) citizen Christopher Columbus. It’s exciting, I know. I just missed the city, so I’m in one now. And why not check out yet another town?

When I get back, I will do several real posts with all sorts of information about all the people I’ve met. In the meantime read Justin LaHart in the Wall Street Journal or on He’s a nice guy.