Charlie Brown's Football: Duke Nukem Forever

George Broussard is to gamers what Lucy is to Charlie Brown. DNF has smashed Daikatana’s record and earned itself six Wired Vaporware awards—including the unprecedented Lifetime Achievement—during its 10-year production.

![Duke Nukem Forever: The Proverbial Ball.](
Not to say Broussard is another John Romero: the teaser trailer released today, like that released in 2001, makes DNF look like a *good game*.

If you were a fan of the Duke, check out the trailer and keep your fingers crossed.

Battlefield: Bad Company looks like wholly unfair amounts of fun. The engine lets you destroy almost anything with unbelievable realism. Shoot holes in walls to get to your prey, start chain reactions of destruction, or blow up gas silos to leave the town in ruins. In BF:BC, it’s all too easy.

I also hear, and it may be old news to you, that the latest PS3 firmware update now supports DivX, along with sundry other things. I fear they may eventually add a feature that actually makes me want to own the system, which would utterly ruin me.

I suppose I should explain the absence: it was the last month of my last semester of college. I’m all done now, though.

Update: If you plan on buying an Xbox 360 soon, do yourself a favor and check the box: The UPC should have the number “175W” somewhere. This sequence means the console inside has a new power supply, and a new chip that is less prone to overheating and Red Ring of Death errors.