Crazy German!

Arsenal 2-1 Wigan.

Good. Of course, true to this season’s form, the Gunners had to come back from a 0-1 deficit, but at least they won. Though with possibly the least class ever displayed in the Premiership.

On a goal called back, Henry starts it off by screaming at Wigan keeper Kirkland while handing him the ball. Admittedly, Kirkland had been wasting time. Then we see several cynical and unnecessarily rough tackles before the coup de grâce: Lehmann.

Arsenal manages to pull themselves level, thanks to a Hall own-goal, and then ahead, thanks to some brilliant play by Henry and Rosicky. Then, as soon as the ball sails past Lehmann’s line behind the boards, he leisurely jumps the sign… and “accidently” tosses the ball straight into the back of it. Turns around. Picks it up. Makes it over this time. And he follows it straight to a yellow.

That makes 5 for him, he misses the next League Cup match.

Normally, any keeper picking up 5 cautions in a season is… rare? Impressive? Depending on your point of view. But with Lehmann, the crazy German star of last year’s Champion’s League Final defeat, the fact that it took him until February is the most shocking.

This man will run 30 to 40 yards off his line to get in peoples’ faces. After they’ve been fouled.

Whoever managed to get Gerrard’s temper under control at Liverpool last year should be hired at twice his current salary to keep a muzzle on Lehmann. (And in his spare time he can do some anger management with Henry and Young Cesc, who is rapidly developing the team spirit.)

Never cut off an Arsenal man in traffic. There are no officials to stop them in their road rage.