Well it’s December. Finals start tomorrow and we finally got some crap up on our walls. Ken actually had some stuff up most of this whole time, but it was syllabi and e-mail addresses, nothing fancy. I’m also going to apply for a passport tomorrow so I’ll let everyone know how that goes.

I’m seriously considering going to Japan for a year. That’s right: Europe this summer, England sometime for Study Abroad, Japan after I graduate, then back to England. I plan on being quite the little jet-setter (because let’s face it, I’m not very big). Apparently there’s a program, the JET program, where graduates can go to Japan for 1-3 years to teach English, and they actually prefer that you do not speak Japanese — which is good for me since I speak none. I think it would be a really interesting cultural experience, something Eastern instead of Western, but I also think it couldn’t hurt my chances of being hired by a British school. They seem to like to hire people with international backgrounds, so throwing another country in just might help. Plus they pay to fly you there, pay you to teach — including enough for rent. All in all it sounds like something very much worth considering.