Dublin to Paris

Well there have been a few changes in the past month. But on the other hand, I actually have some tickets purchased and some hostels booked. Here’s the current itinerary:

  • 18 May — Arrive in Dublin
  • 22 May — Flight to Paris
  • 17 June — Arrive in Berlin
  • 21 June — Flight to Liverpool
  • 24 June — Flight to Dublin
  • 28 June — Depart Dublin for Chicago

And I’ve booked hostels in Dublin and Liverpool. I’m still staying with my friend in Berlin. It’s pretty exciting, to actually have plane tickets, reservations, to know for absolute sure that I’m committed and going.

So what insight have I gleaned? It costs almost exactly US$100 to get from Berlin to Liverpool, no matter how you do it. I tried flying to London Stansted (RyanAir) and taking a train–about $100. Flying to East Midlands (near Nottingham – Ryanair) and taking a shorter train–about $100. So I decided to just fly direct (Schoenfeld to John Lennon – EasyJet) and save the trouble–$100. Weird, but that’s what it costs.

I also booked space in the Abraham House hostel for the two legs in Dublin. Nice-looking place. Across the river from Trinity and Temple Bar. I’m staying at the Embassie in Liverpool. I’ve heard great things, it’s really cheap, and they’re super nice! I’ll have recommendations when I come back.

As for getting around: RyanAir rules. EasyJet looks nicer, but is more expensive. And they don’t fly as many places. But there are lots of cheap airlines.