Bought tickets today, got my passport a while ago. I’m now set to actually get there.

A word about buying tickets. E-tickets are obviously cheaper and if you save the e-mail (in something like GMail) you can print them from anywhere – no worries about losing them. However, e-tickets are not always possible. Because of the multi-carrier itinerary, or just because one of the 3 airlines didn’t do e-tickets, I had to do paper tickets. They cost a little more but not a lot, so just suck it up and accept it. I still am getting to Dublin for $604.

And I’ve got a rough itinerary–for the parts I’m willing to plan–so I thought I would share it:

  • 17 May … Leave Chicago
  • 18 May … Arrive Dublin
  • 21 or 23 May … Ferry from Rosslare to Cherbourg
  • 23 May — 17 June … Where the wind takes me
  • 18 June … Berlin with my German bro
  • 21 June … Fly to Liverpool (RyanAir or EasyJet)
  • 25 June … Ferry to Dublin
  • 28 June … Fly home