Introducing Waffle for Django

Waffle is a feature-flipping library for Django that strives to be easy and intuitive, and work with both the Django/Jingo/Jinja2 stack we use at Mozilla, and Django templates out of the box.

Waffle lets you define various reasons a flag can be active for a given request. You can make flags active for all superusers, or authenticated users, for example. You can also define a percentage of “everyone else” who will see the flag as active.

If Waffle uses a dice roll to determine if the current request will have the flag turned on, it sets a cookie so the flag will continue to be active or inactive for subsequent requests. For all subsequent requests, the cookie value is respected. Waffle only sets cookies if a given flag was actually used during the request.

Flags are global: once a given flag is set for a user, that flag is set on every request or page view. You can test a flag on /foo and trust that a given user will see the same flag value on /bar.

Flags can be used in templates, in views, or even to hide whole views.

Optionally, Waffle can activate flags based on the query string, so you can guarantee a flag will be on or off for any request for testing.

Check out Waffle on Github and let me know what you think!