Modular has about 2 dozen artists, ranging from the relatively insufferable Jack Johnson to Gary Jules, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and NYPC. Check out some of their less well-known artists, they’re pretty good. Gary Jules almost sounds like a latter-day Boss. Think “Sinaloa Cowboys” but less depressing.

You might recognize NYPC from a recent, poorly conceived, Intel ad campaign. They do have other songs, though, and they’re recent EP is pretty good. It’s one of the better dancepunk albums I’ve heard, and certainly the best in a few years. (And there are girls in the band. Real ones! Pretty rare in this scene.)

I’m still trying to find Leave Them All Behind and Rocket Science, so if anyone wants to hook me up with some of their tracks, please do!

Coming up, I talk about last year’s efforts by BSS, Mogwai, Cursive, and Mastodon.