Of course, as soon as I get around to doing the redesign, I decide I don’t quite like it.

I’ve decided to reorganize this site and another one, to separate the blog/webzine-type sections and the professional/portfolio-type sections.

The two will still be pretty closely related and linked, but I think it will make a little more sense, and allow some more interesting design choices on the blog side of things. I’m looking forward to doing something a little out of my comfort zone.

But, this isn’t going to happen too soon. I just started classes again, and I want to build a custom blog/CMS (and possibly release it).

At first I was going to use WordPress, but I want more overall control over the structure and organization. So after deciding exactly how I want to organize both the site itself and the underlying code, and then actually doing it, there will be not one, but two interesting sites to visit.

Should be fun.