Small Fish, Big Pond: Using your computer on the MSU network.

I am hopefully going to be conducting a seminar on using and maintaining your computer on the MSU network during Welcome Week. While I’m mostly targeting freshmen, anyone is welcome. The seminar will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Connecting to the internet.
  • Keeping your computer healthy.
  • Staying secure on the network.
  • Connecting to AFS.
  • Checking your e-mail.
  • Using iTunes and MyTunes.
  • Sharing your printer: how to do it and why you shouldn’t.
  • And possibly an advanced section on secure file-sharing.

I hope it should run about an hour, with the secure file-sharing section being maybe 20 minutes extra for those who want to stay, if any. It could run longer if there are lots of questions, but I will try to be thorough.

As part of the seminar I’ll be giving out CDs with useful, free software and information, including most of what I will cover in the seminar. I’m hoping that the CD will include:

  • Free anti-virus software
  • Free anti-spyware software
  • Firefox, a better browsing alternative
  • Thunderbird, more secure e-mail
  • iTunes for listening to network music libraries
  • Adobe Acrobat™ Reader
  • And More!

The CDs will be absolutely free, as is the seminar, and all the software is 100% free and legal.

My goal right now is to hold the seminar maybe early afternoon on Friday or Saturday of Welcome Week, to get to freshmen early, but not interfere with too much weekend stuff, like partying and sleeping. So hopefully I’ll see some of you there in the fall. Wish me luck!