Technology Conference 2007

I will be running a workshop on web design for educators at the MSU College of Education’s Tech Conference 2007. You can still sign up for the conference if you are in the East Lansing area and interested in technology-in-education.

![A screenshot of Adobe Dreamweaver, which we will use in the workshop.](/blog/images/dreamweaver-screenshot.jpg) Dreamweaver.
(I’ve been working on that, sorry for the lack of posts.)

My goal is to cover a mix of mechanics and principles: how you can use CSS versus how you should.

To that end, I plan on discussing how the content should drive the design process, how to separate structure (XHTML) from presentation (CSS), and the basics of best-practices design—standards-compliant code, cross-browser javascript, etc.

The principles will be weaved together with the mechanics of using CSS, such as formatting text and positioning elements.

Do you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments? The target audience is educators with at least some background in HTML, though who knows exactly how much?

Comment and let me know!