Weekly Update for 03/05/2010

Last week

  • Onsite. Valuable, but not in the traditional, bug-fixing sense.
  • Started talking about l10n. Identified some key issues.
  • Got a plan in place for live chat.
  • Got in a half day on Friday before the lack of sleep caught up with me.
  • Got some reviews done.

This week (me)

  • Break 2.1 into manageable chunks and file bugs.
  • Fix some of those bugs (particularly bug 561524).
  • Get everyone on the same page for Thursday, our first Kitsune push!
  • Get at least 40% into an engineering plan for the next 3-4 months.
  • Put together some ideas for an intern project.
  • Review lots.

This week (team)

  • By Thursday, let’s be able to handle all regular (ie: non-moderator) actions on the discussion forums on stage.
  • Push 2.0/1.5.4.