Weekly Update for 06/14/2010

Last week could have gone better. We tried to push SUMO 2.1 twice only to realize we had some issues with respect to replication that need to get ironed out.

We think we have a fix for these issues and are rounding out the tests for that fix, but we won’t really know unless we can test in a replicated environment. There are bugs open for IT to help us with that, and get replication set up for our staging server.

As Morgamic said, we’ll gather info, document, learn and innovate, then repeat next time.

And, as “unsuccessful” pushes go, these went really well. Both times we gave it an hour, then were able to back everything out and reset in another half-hour, coming in well under the downtime window.

Last week

  • Tried to push 2.1, twice. It didn’t take.
  • Filed IT bugs re: replication in staging.
  • Started thinking about Q3 goals.
  • Got the 2.2 (“questions”) branch rolling on Hudson.
  • Helped get people on the same page w/r/t 2.3 deliverables and timeline. (At least we’ll say I helped.)
  • Got all the people working on chat together.
  • Worked out a potential solution to our replication issues with Jeff and Erik.
  • Triaged 2.2—only about 5 bugs got moved out.
  • Reviewed 2.2 UI work, and a number of subsequent patches.

**This week (me)

  • Have a timeline in place for 2.1 and 2.2.
  • Figure out replication in staging with IT.
  • Work out roughly what Q3 will look like.
  • Get enough sleep.

This week (team)

  • Fix our replication issues.
  • Continue on 2.2 and accelerate.
  • Work with Cheng and Howse to get the AAQ done.