Weekly Update for 07/06/2010

I missed last week. I blame the holiday on Monday. Also Erik started, which is very exciting!

Tomorrow afternoon is our planned push for SUMO 2.1, which is our new discussion forum component, and migrating the old data into that component. This is huge, since it’s the first new component serving content creation. (We’ve been running search results on Kitsune for a while now.)

Everything on our staging server feels faster on the Kitsune pages than the old pages. I can’t quite count to 2 loading a Kitsune page. I can usually get to 3 on a Tiki page. That in itself is a huge win, to me. On top of the speed, we’ve made some big leaps in our infrastructure and have done a lot of work that will directly enable 2.2, our support questions milestone

Last two weeks

  • Closed out and reviewed a number of 2.1 bugs. Really, I lost count. It’s been fantastic to see the work spread out across the team.
  • Got 2.1 ready to go out tomorrow!(!!)
  • Fixed a number of small and last-minute 2.1 bugs.
  • Helped Paul finish out the data migration work so he could focus on his last final and graduate! (Congrats, Paul!)
  • Built avatars for users without them.
  • Got email notifications to go out with some help from Jeremy.
  • Welcomed Erik. Helped him get all the development environment stuff worked out.

This week (me)

  • Get everyone introduced to Rypple.
  • Navigate a smooth 2.1 launch.
  • Poll the team about a SUMOdev on-site.
  • Finish reviewing Ricky’s 2.2 UI work.
  • Triage 2.2 and focus the bugs.
  • Help everyone figure out deliverables and timelines for 2.3 mockups as best I can. (Mostly I’ve done what I can here, I think.)

This week (team)

  • Launch 2.1. Smoothly.
  • Go go go on 2.2. On staging the day (evening?) after 2.1 launches.
  • Start spreading around reviews more.
  • Help triage 2.2 and focus it.