Weekly Update for 12/04/2010

Last week:

  • Finished bugs 556810 (string extraction) and 554740 (Sphinx tests) and landed both.
  • Finished up work on bug 550515 (concat and minify CSS/JS) and pulled jingo-minify out of Zamboni.
  • Got Hudson up and running!
  • Wrote lots of documentation. Need to ask people if it’s enough.
  • Updated all templates with two-space indenting (bug 558228).
  • Mostly cleaned up strings for L10n (bug 557574).
  • Patched Sphinx API to stop quietly swallowing failed connections (bug 554778).

This week, team goals:

  • Get Kitsune on Verbatim.
  • Solve bug 554206/554210 (UnicodeDecodeErrors)!
  • Polish.
  • Freeze 2.0 on Friday.
  • Get unit test coverage to 90%. (It’s a bit of a stretch but let’s aim for it.)
  • Start on 1.5.4.

This week, personal goals:

  • Lightning talk for next Monday.
  • Reviews!
  • Finish 1.5.4 work (except reviews).
  • Come up with a deployment plan.