Weekly Update for 17/05/2010

Enjoyed the long weekend in New York, which was my big goal for this week. I was out Friday and Monday—which also happened to be the first day for Ricky, a new Mozillian, and Josh, an intern.

Being in New York with my family was wonderful, and more than made up for the odious travel. Wandering around Prospect Park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon made me think of Seurat: if only it had been a little more pointillist. The only part of the trip that worked well in both directions, though, was Caltrain. On the way to the airport, I just happened to get on the same car as an old high school friend I hadn’t seen in 4 or 5 years (I went to high school 2200 miles from here). Bizarre.

On to the business part:

Last week

  • Put a lot of time into getting ready for Ricky and Josh. - Filing 2.1 and 2.2 bugs.
  • Triaging [good first bug]s.
  • Doing preliminary 2.2 work.
  • Either worked on or reviewed basically all of the non-moderator UI for the discussion forums.
  • Reviewed wiki markup.
  • Started looking at new ways to use the SUMOdev meeting. - Need to think more about the meeting, mailing list, and channel.
  • Pushed 2.0/1.5.4 then figured out what went wrong. - Reviewed the fix for it.

**This week (me)

  • Help Ricky and Josh get unblocked. - Get Kitsune and Tikiwiki set up.
  • Work through some code review and then turn them loose.
  • Work with Paul on admin and moderation. - Then review it.
  • Find the cause of the colossal memory errors.
  • Start planning a project with Josh.

This week (team)

  • Get everyone unblocked and ready to start contributing.
  • Get everyone to show up on the leaderboard.