Weekly Update for 21/06/2010

Happy Summer!

Last week saw some good work done on the Support Questions for 2.2, and we now believe we’ve ironed out the issues that we saw during the 2.1 push—one of them was actually a Django bug we fixed by upgrading.

Last week

  • Helped come up with a solution to the issues with 2.1.
  • Reviewed some UI work on 2.2.
  • Worked with IT to get replication in staging.
  • Got a plan together for a better staging environment early next quarter.
  • Helped Josh with a lightning talk topic for the Summit.
  • Worked on a plan for Q3, and goals with the team.
  • Worked with our stats provider.
  • Pushed out (née a minor update.

This week (me)

  • Get 2.1 out the door and 2.2 on staging.
  • Finish out a Q3 plan after working with the SUMO team.
  • Finish working with our stats provider.
  • Dig into some proper 2.2 bugs.
  • Focus more on the message I’m sending.
  • I’d really like to dig into Fantasai’s question about ellipses some more.

This week (team)

  • Push 2.1.
  • Finish the AAQ form.
  • Finish the answering process.
  • Demo the normal beginning-to-end workflow on staging.