Weekly Update for 27/04/2010

I know it’s a bit late and I missed last week. I’m getting better, though!

Last (2) week(s)

**This week (personal)

  • WebDev OnSite. Meetings, learning, getting things done in the afternoons.
  • Get production plan in place. - And a contingency plan.
  • Work out a plan for live chat with Sam and Matthew.
  • Communicate with localizers our plan for the quarter.
  • Working remotely on Friday.

This week (team)

  • Start to file and fix 2.1/1.5.5 bugs.
  • Iterate on forum stub.
  • Find a wiki markup parser.
  • Cross Ts and dot is for production push.
  • Load test Kitsune.
  • Action items from the SUMOdev meeting.