Weekly Update for 3/15/2010

I’m going to try to do weekly updates of what I’ve been working on, what I want to get accomplished, and what kind of progress I made since the last update. I don’t know if I’ll stick with Mondays, but it seems like a reasonable starting point.

Last Week

Last week I helped get SUMO 1.5.2 finished—for desktop support, at least. That mostly involved code reviews, and debugging a very strange issue with our Sphinx indices (I didn’t change anything and it started working).

I also started work on SUMO 1.5.3, specifically bug 532498, which will hopefully alleviate some of the problems our contributors in Europe have been seeing when editing knowledge base articles. The strategy is to move the work for sending email notifications out of the web server process to speed up responses.

This Week

My primary goal this week is to get version 1.5.2 for mobile SUMO done. We found some issues with forums and search that stopped us from pushing this update at the same time as 1.5.2 for desktop.

While we work on 1.5.2, I’ll be working with our IT team to get Kitsune into a staging environment and see what we need to do to get Gearman up and running—for bug 532498, again—for SUMO.