Weekly(?) Update for 5/4/2010

Attempt #2 at a weekly update.

Last week:

This week:

  • Finish out 556810 (string extraction) and 554740 (Sphinx tests and category exclusion).
  • Finish up library extraction for 550515 (concat and minify JS and CSS).
  • Get Hudson running our test suite. (bug 556449)
  • Fix up FlatQS. (bug 554206)
  • Start 1.5.4 work and come up with release documentation. (!!!)
  • Work with L10n community to figure out what we need to get over that way.
  • Reviews, reviews, reviews. (I hope.)

Stretch goals:

  • Get some better error handling when the Sphinx server is down. (bug 554778)
  • See if we can’t get the outermost templates working with RTL (bug 437891).