Widget l10n

I spent some of today working on bringing a couple of WordPress widgets up-to-date (Better Search and Most Comments) only to discover there is a new widget API. I guess I haven’t been paying attention.

I’ll probably start some 2.0 branches tomorrow to take advantage of the new API. I wish I didn’t know how many people don’t keep their WordPress installations up to date, so I wouldn’t care about backwards compatibility.

At least both widgets got nice new, and functional, internationalization (i18n) code and new localization (l10n) files.

And BSW got a good feature update, incorporating some suggestions from Marco Jung, who is also, kindly, doing a German localization, and a few of my own. The built-in search widget has stepped up it’s game, and fixed the thing BSW was originally designed to fix (no widget title) so I have a higher bar to clear to justify the name “Better Search Widget.”

I’ll write up the new features tomorrow.