All Starred Messages in Thunderbird 3

I “star” messages in Thunderbird pretty frequently as a reminder to go back and look at them. But it doesn’t usually work.

Why not? There is no easy way to go back and look at starred messages by default. I could resort each folder, looking for stars, but that’s annoying. I was hoping one of the Smart Folders would be “Starred Messages” but, sadly, I was wrong.

You can’t even easily search for starred messages!

But you can create a new saved search. Here’s how:

  1. Go to File > New > Saved Search…
  2. Name it something like “Starred”
  3. Set “Create as a subfolder of:” to wherever you’d like the folder to live.
  4. Click “Choose” to pick which folders to search.
  5. Change the filter to “Status” “is” “Starred”.
  6. Save it.

Then you can open your saved search in a new tab, or just leave it in the list of folders.

Posted here to save someone else some time.