And the Big Steel Rail Gonna Carry Me

Well it’s done and I did it. I am soon to be the proud owner of a Eurail Youth Pass. I went with the one-month unlimited railpass, good in all 18 Eurail countries (covers Western Europe and Greece, essentially). I won’t start using it right away, and it will expire before I leave, but all the extra days are covered by other forms of travel, mostly plane.

My camera also arrived, but I have a little problem: the battery can’t be charged in the camera, so I needed to order a battery charger to test it out. So, if you’re the guy on eBay I bought it from, please forgive the slow feedback, but I need to test the camera. The charger should be here Monday or Tuesday.

Reminder: If you’re going to be in Europe between 18 May and 28 June, let me know!