Counter Clockwise

Here’s my new rough sketch of where I’ll be in Europe:

  • 6-9am, 18 May — Breakfast at Heathrow
  • 18-22 May — Ireland (Based in Dublin, Abraham Hostel)
  • 22-24 May — Paris (Absolute Paris Hostel)
  • 25 May – 1 June — Spain/Portugal
  • 2-9 June — South of France
  • 10-17 June — Italy
  • 18-21 June –Berlin (Staying with my German brother)
  • 21-24 June — Liverpool (Embassie Hostel)
  • 24-28 June — Ireland (again in Dublin, Abraham Hostel unless it sucks the first time)
  • 9pm 28-8am 29 June — Heathrow or surround bars.

From the 25th to the 17th isn’t really specific. I don’t know where I’ll be and when, but that’s kind of the circular path I’m planning. That way I end up in Berlin when I’m supposed to (getting there either the 17th or 18th).

Giving a lot of time to Ireland, obviously. I want to try to get in a lot of Dublin and also around to other cities like Derry and such. Maybe I’ll spend 24 hours following Ulysses. Honestly I figured I would start and end in English-speaking countries and if I was scheduling the flights now I’d probably take a day or two less in Dublin on the way out. Oh well, I’ll just know that city best.