Irregular Update, 24/Oct/2014

Another update! Wow!

The past two weeks have all been on TodaysMeet Teacher Tools except for the afternoon I spent dealing with a hurt finger (not exactly badly hurt but I still can’t really use my right index finger to type, it’s annoying). And at some point in there I shipped updates for POODLE (CVE-2014-3566).

Teacher Tools are available for pre-order which means I finished the sixth, implicit component: credit card forms built with Stripe. Even when you can offload the PCI-compliance to a provider there’s still quite a bit of record keeping, and interacting with user interaction, JavaScript callbacks, webhooks, and more made keeping track of everything a bit of a mental challenge.

And more exciting: all the heavy lifting for Teacher Tools is done! Mute, Topics, My School, Pause, and Transcripts are all done but for a very small list of polish tasks and, of course, testing.

Most recently—read: today—I finished the new signed-in home page, which includes closed rooms. The old version, because it only showed open rooms and could assume that list was probably short-enough, was static, rendered on the server, and sorted by the browser. The home page is an API client application built on top of React and a fairly simple new endpoint that let me add a room name search. Sneak peak!

Screenshot 2014-10-24 16.54.43

(I know I can—and will try to—do better visually but the functionality is all there and I would feel OK starting to roll this out.)

Huge thank-yous to G Scott Olson and zpao for helping me out as I was starting out earlier this week. I’m a fan and am working on writing up the “Rewriting TodaysMeet with React” blog post.

I expect React is going to end up in a lot more of the site.

It’s going to be a good weekend to do some polishing and start replacing the word “pre-order” with “upgrade”!