I never properly introduced my latest(?) little side project:


NextUp is a very straightforward app that helps you create an agenda, then stick to it. You enter a list of topics (or, say, speakers) and how long they’re allowed to run. When you create the agenda and start the meeting, the topics count down, much like PTI.

The back story is pretty simple: I was on a project with at least four distinct teams, so we had weekly “status update” meetings. These really should have run for no more than 20 minutes, but we were lucky to get out in under two hours. So, NextUp came to mind.

The name was, essentially, the only relevant domain available. Don’t lie, you’ve probably picked a title based on available domains. It’s becoming a real problem.

It wasn’t very pretty or usable until recently, when my friend Ben (no, not that one) stepped up and helped me out with a UI and design. IE users will not get the pretty text shadows, and I’m pretty sure it’s just broken in IE6. Sorry, upgrade, or tell your IT department to do it.