Weekly Update for 24/05/2010

Last week was short and hectic, but turned out to be way more productive than expected (at least as a team, if not personally). It started with a long flight and getting Ricky and Josh started, and ended with Pac Man and lots of reviews.

Last week

  • Helped Ricky and Josh get Kitsune and enough of TikiWiki up and running.
  • Worked with Paul to figure out some access control questions.
  • Reviewed a lot of stuff.
  • Helped keep SUMO up during the Pac Man incident.
  • Fixed Hudson builds and staging when new requirements caused problems.
  • Even fixed a bug today! (In Bleach.)

**This week (me)

  • Help Josh gather requirements for his summer project.
  • Coordinate string and code freeze for 2.1.
  • Keep review queue empty.
  • Finish the bugs that are assigned to me.

This week (team)

  • Get everything on track to freeze 2.1.
  • Get to zero known 500 errors.