Biweekly-ish Update 07/Nov/2014

My finger is mostly healed. I have a whole new terror of flaying.

And Teacher Tools launched! I’ve been focused on getting the word out and answering questions from customers this week.

I’ve also tried to come up for air, both taking a little downtime and catching up on pull reqs.

Thanks to the incredible, and patient, work of Florent Messa, we got Waffle master working on Django 1.7. Florent and I spent a lot of Wednesday working more or less synchronously to crack apart a big pull req into small parts and figure out the source of some frustrating test failures. It was one of those “wow the internet can be pretty amazing” moments for me.

I also stuck my nose into a couple of places I maybe shouldn’t have. Mozilla made me uncomfortable and I got myself involved in the tip4commit kerfuffle, which lead to contacting Bountysource as well and now Bountysource is thinking about the whole thing.

So am I. Because of tip4commit I started thinking about the role of money and bounties in modern open source and I have a couple of big issues that I don’t think anyone has solved yet. That’s for another blog post, though.

I’m going to keep hanging a little back from intense product work on TodaysMeet, spending my time there more on users, outreach, research, business, stuff like that—and some low-hanging fruit or post-launch tasks—while I figure out the next big thing to tackle.

I also want to finish up some writing and I’ll be doing some freelance and open source work over the next few weeks.